Sustainable Transport Fuels Business Briefing

Sustainable Transport Fuels Business Briefing
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"...That's why I now consider these DoShorts such a winner – the reader of Sustainable Transport Fuels Business Briefing, after 90 minutes or less, can sit down at a meeting and impress the boss with a working knowledge of transportation fuels." 

This short ebook explains -- for a global business audience -- the latest developments in the world of sustainable transport. Not the vehicles or modes of transport themselves, but their means of propulsion. 

New technologies and players are coming and going with bewildering speed. Some observers are putting their money on electric vehicles, others on hybrids; some see electric vehicles as a mere stepping stone to hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles, already being seen on city streets. The mere mention of biofuels often provokes fierce arguments about their sustainability, yet they, too, are here to stay and will be filling more and more fuel tanks. 

By the time you finish this book, you will understand:

  • the pros and cons of all these technologies and the programs around the world furthering their development, 
  • the major players large and small, the catalysts for change, and 
  • the successful partnerships and innovative business models being employed. 

You will also be able to make informed decisions about investments, whether you’re considering a new fleet, haulage or mobility of any kind, or whether to install an electric vehicle charging point in your property.


DAVID THORPE is News Editor of Energy and Environmental Management Magazine and author of several books on renewables. His latest initiative is Green Deal Advice, which provides sustainable refurbishment renewables advice to help property owners make the most of the Green Deal, Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentive.  He is the author of the DoShort Solar Photovoltaics Business Briefing.


1.1 About this book 
1.2 Who it is for 
1.3 Catalysts for change 
2. The transport revolution 
2.1 Rio+20 
2.2 Consumer pressure 
2.3 Regional legislation 
2.3.1 European Union Emission reduction Biofuels 
2.3.2 United States 
2.4 The IEA Roadmap 
2.5 UK capital allowances 
2.6 Further institutional support 
2.7 Carbon capture and storage (CCS) 
2.8 Flywheel technology 
2.9 Compressed air 
2.10 The auto-maker’s gamble 
3. Biofuels 
3.1 Generations of biofuel 
3.1.1 First generation 
3.1.2 Second generation 
3.1.3 Third generation 
3.2 Conversion processes 
3.3 Types of biofuels 
3.3.1 Bioethanol 
3.3.2 Conventional Biodiesel 
3.3.3 Biomethane 
3.3.4 Cellulosic ethanol 
3.3.5 Hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) 
3.3.6 Biomass-to-liquids (BtL) diesel 
3.3.7 Bio-synthetic gas 
3.4 Are biofuels sustainable? 
3.4.1 Greenhouse gas balance of biofuels 
3.4.2 Indirect land-use change emissions 
3.4.3 Existing sustainability schemes 
3.4.4 How much land would we need? 
3.4.5 The water challenge 
3.4.6 Social aspects of biofuels 
3.4.7 Sustainable solutions 
3.5 Promising feedstocks 
3.5.1 Cellulosic biomass 
3.5.2 Jatropha 
3.5.3 Algae 
3.6 Prospects for biofuels 
3.6.1 Biorefineries 
3.6.2 Micro-organisms 
3.6.3 Syngas 
3.6.4 Road freight 
3.6.5 Aviation fuel 
3.7 Partnerships, mergers & aquisitions 
3.8 Structural challenges 
4. Electric vehicles 
4.1 Hybrids 
4.2 The advantages of EVs 
4.3 Carbon impacts 
4.4 Vehicle charging 
4.4.1 Standards 
4.4.2 How to charge an EV 
4.4.3 Which type of charge point? 
4.4.4 Battery charging times 
4.4.5 Induction charging 
4.5 Battery development 
4.6 Charging point roll-out 
4.6.1 Plugged-in Places 
4.6.2 Charging technology market leaders 
4.6.3 The winning strategies 
4.7 EV Fleets 
4.8 Smart grids and EVs 
5. Fuel cells 
5.1 What is a fuel cell? 
5.2 Fuel cell vehicle developments 
5.2.1 Bringing costs down 
5.3 Hydrazine hydrate 
5.4 Hydrogen vehicles 
5.4.1 Hydrogen 
5.4.2 Hydrogen generation 
5.5 Fuelling infrastructure 
5.5.1 Niche markets 
5.6 Electric fuel cell scooters 
5.7 Future prospects 
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Title: Sustainable Transport Fuels Business Briefing
Author: David Thorpe
Publication Date: October 2012
Page extent: 106
Formats and ISBNs: 
pdf: 9781909293113
epub: 9781909293106
print: 9781909293090

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