Creating a Sustainable Brand: A Guide to Growing the Sustainability Top Line

Creating a Sustainable Brand: A Guide to Growing the Sustainability Top Line
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"Creating and building a sustainable brand is all about putting beliefs, business, and a brand into engaged action.  This action will require confidence and courage, with some great guidance from thought leaders like Henk.  At this stage, we all know the ‘why’, but this book provides the ‘how’ in the journey towards our common future."  
JAMES CURLEIGH, President, Levi’s 

Sustainable brands may have started as 'doing less harm' and shaving costs off the bottom line. But brands today, supported by over a decade of phenomenal changes in sustainability, are looking for the holy grail of sustainable business -- a fusion of products and branding that can actually drive sustainability and grow the business top line.  

Consumers have already joined the party.  Just look at TOMS, Patagonia, Method, Seventh Generation, Dove and many more. What is missing isn’t the consumer but a better understanding of what fully-rounded consumers really want in their quest for a healthy, fulfilling life. 

This guide by sustainable brand expert Henk Campher is the model for creating a sustainable brand that people can trust, buy and above all, advocate for. Campher cuts through the myths and noise to offer an experienced expert's 101 for creating an irresistible brand, clearly setting out: 

  • what makes a product or service sustainable 
  • the basic elements of sustainable branding strategy and a deep understanding of how consumers connect with a brand
  • an original model for assessing the sustainability of your brand, and 
  • a host of examples of sustainable brands, drawing on the author's firsthand experience as part of the team at Edelman and Oxfam and founder of the Nelson Mandela initiated Proudly South African campaign.


Henk Campher is Senior Vice President, Business + Social Purpose & Managing Director, Sustainability at Edelman. 

With 20 years of global experience, Henk is known as a disruptive and creative expert in the sustainability space. He’s had the pleasure of working on some of the coolest campaigns with companies such Starbucks, Levi’s, Best Buy, Timberland, Tiffany’s and Nestlé. 

He has been bridging the world of nerds (sustainability experts) and flirts (communication whizzes), thanks to being part of team Edelman in the USA, his time in the UK as an Oxfam campaigner, and his South African roots as an African development worker, trade unionist and creator of the Nelson Mandela initiated Proudly South African campaign. 

He was named as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior and The Guardian’s Top 15 Sustainable Business Executives on Twitter. Henk is a regular blogger at Triple Pundit and CSRWire, a frequent speaker at conferences, and a Twitter junkie: @AngryAfrican.


"Creating and building a sustainable brand is all about putting beliefs, business, and a brand into engaged action.  This action will require confidence & courage, with some great guidance from thought leaders like Henk.  At this stage, we all know the ‘why’, but this book provides the ‘how’ in the journey towards our common future."  
JAMES CURLEIGH, President, Levi’s  

“What it means to create and nurture a ‘sustainable brand’ is different today than it was just a few short years ago – and it is evolving daily.  Henk has laid out the ingredients and a recipe for today’s brands striving to break through relevance and affinity to a true consumer relationship.  This to-the-point Guide to Creating a Sustainable Brand provides actionable tools that can be put to work immediately."
DAVE STANGIS, Vice President - Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility at Campbell Soup Company, President of Campbell Soup Foundation

"Henk is one of the smartest in the sustainable brand business. Now he busts the myths we have about what that means. He uses great research to show us what we now need to know - 'What does really change the customer's life, and bond them to you, anyway?' Henk tells us how to how to grow a brand, responsibly, and the revenue that brings."
CAROL SANFORD, author The Responsible Entrepreneur and The Responsible Business

"No one knows more about building sustainable brands than Henk Campher, who’s worked with some of the world’s leading companies. If you’re looking to align your brand proposition with creating a better world, look no further — this is an accessible and indispensable guide to getting it right." 
JOEL MAKOWER, Executive Editor,, and author, 'Strategies for the Green Economy'

"Henk's is the ultimate 101 to understanding sustainability and how to integrate the concepts deeply into the fabric of a brand.  The guide makes it easy to apply the sustainability framework outlined here into brands and the products that we all, as consumers, value and willingly pay a premium for.  For companies seeking to connect to people in meaningful long term ways, that support long term revenue, this is a critical tool for building relationships that matter."   

"The economic challenges of the late 2000s with their residual seeping into the mid of this decade, has forced organizations to re-evaluate how they undertake their daily operations and relate to stakeholders beyond their customers, to a new covenant of engagement with and support of and to employees and other stakeholders including communities and suppliers. This era of digital communication up is advancing transparency which in turn is advancing more than ever that organizations, and the people who comprise them, be authentic, fair, honest and open. As David Ogilvy observed, the brand is the promise, and the reputation is the delivery on the promise. Henk Campher gives an insightful and pragmatic approach on not just how to survive, but how to be a leader in this era."
CLARK DUMONT, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, MGM Resorts International

"Henk Campher has a beguiling, engaging manner that makes his book a fun, inspiring read.  With the passion and zeal of an evangelist, Henk pulls you along as he strives to create a healthier planet along with healthier companies. His simple yet effective model for creating sustainable brands offers a blueprint for anyone seeking ways to manage a business with care and intention or just shop with purpose and conscience."
LIBBY CATALINICH, Senior Advistor, JayRay

“While sustainability advocates lament the slow and relatively niche growth of responsible products Henk Campher combines a marketer's and business professional's perspectives to decisively demonstrate just how the creation and growth of sustainable products and companies really stack up against new product development and market legitimacy and acceptance. By then analyzing products based on more than their "green" attributes 'Creating a Sustainable Brand' offers a more comprehensive picture of how and when products and services can truly be called sustainable and how those who seek to meet the consumer demand for products in which they can truly believe can best meet the market where consumers are today and be ready for where they will be tomorrow."
JOHN FRIEDMAN, International Communications and sustainability professional, HuffingtonPost Blogger and cofounder of the Sustainable Business Network of Washington

"The endless green talking shops about 'behaviour change', the elusive quest for 'sustainable brands' and the vast amount of hot air generated by endless roundtables on these topics are enough to put a seasoned environmentalist off any book like this. But Henk Campher has produced a highly readable and informative guide to what might actually be possible, based on his deep understanding of how consumers view brands, and what will and won't wash in the marketplace. Anyone wanting a simple, clear framework to guide their thinking on how products and brands can harness changing consumer trends should read this book'. 
BRENDAN MAY, Chairman, Robertsbridge Group

"How do we move sustainability from business bottom line benefits to top line benefits? How do we turn a good sustainability strategy into a business driver? The answers will bring sustainability to the heart of the business strategy. Henk dives into these challenging questions in his new DoShort book and provides us with a new model and innovative way to create a sustainable brand that customers and consumers can relate to and support. If you are a business executive, sustainability strategist or marketing guru, this book is a must read as it helps you connect the dots and make it easy as a 'how to' guide in making sustainability work for you and your brand." 
CECILY JOSEPH, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Symantec.

“Henk Campher is exceptional at defining what really motivates consumers today, and how their own purchase behaviors continue to evolve to a more conscious state. This isn’t a book by an activist; it’s a book by a trusted business advisor who keeps us all focused on the best outcomes for all parties involved on the sustainability front." 
KELLY GROEHLER, Communications and Corporate Reputation Executive

"Henk’s refreshing take on corporate sustainabilty is both wise and irreverent.  He’s a no-BS bridge between traditional PR and the high minded sustainability professionals working to drive real change across all industries.  Henk demonstrates clearly the business case for making sustainability a core priority at any organization and the way brands can drive that case home."
NICK ASTER, Founder & Publisher, TriplePundit

"In Henk Campher’s brand new DoShort book, he provides his readers with an engaging and thoughtful guide to what makes “true" sustainability connect with customers.  If you are a business executive, start-up entrepreneur, or a marketing director this is a must-read and you will gain valuable insight into moving your bottom line forward AND improving your customer relationships for the right reasons."
SUSAN MCPHERSON, Founder and CEO, McPherson Strategies

"How can companies close the gap between "sustainability goals" and business growth? How can they include the consumer in their journey? And how can they shift from incremental change to significant and scalable? Henk summarizes over two decades of work in this DoShorts, both prolific and complete with relatable examples from brands that surround us. I would recommend any well meaning CSR/sustainability professional to use this as a reference guide: dog tag it, notate, highlight and keep it handy the next time you evaluate your organization/client's business strategy." 
AMAN SINGH, Editorial Director, CSRwire


About the author
PART 1: The changing world of a sustainable brand 
1. The search for a sustainable brand
2. The changing world of sustainability
3. The pesky consumer
4. Changing consumer behavior
5. The need for brand transformation
PART 2: The birth of a brand 
1. (Sustainable) brand development
2. Line extension
3. Brand extension 
4. Multi-brands 
5. New brands 
PART 3: The anatomy of a sustainable brand 
1. A touch of product and a pinch of brand
2. Product sustainability 
3. Sustainability branding
4. The Sustainable Brand Model
5. Final thoughts


Title: Creating a Sustainable Brand: A Guide to Growing the Sustainability Top Line
Author: Henk Campher
Publication Date: April 2014
Page extent: 81
Formats and ISBNs: 
pdf: 9781910174081
epub: 9781910174074
print: 9781910174067