The Company

Our mission is to create concise, high-quality resources to support professionals in the vanguard of sustainability, who are often isolated and facing a blizzard of new information and initiatives.

Launched as digital products (with print available on demand), our content is easily updated and adapted. We can be more responsive to the market for sustainability information, and deliver it more quickly.

Our authors and customers are at the absolute centre of what we do, and we want each project to reach its full potential audience and impact.

The word Dō (as in judō, chadō, Taekwon-Dō and ‘sustainabilitydō’) has its roots in Japan and Korea, and derives from the Chinese concept of Tao (Dao), meaning ‘way’, ‘path’ or ‘route’.


The Dō-ers

Dō was founded by people who are satisfied with the evidence base for climate change, and convinced of the business, ecological, moral, economic and social cases for making the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy. We want to move on to Level 2 — getting things done — and we aim to publish for like-minded people.

All our backgrounds are in book and journal publishing, and we have a combined professional experience of 60 years in the industry, the last 15 of these in sustainability publishing.

Nick BelloriniNick Bellorini
Publishing Director
Simon RallisonSimon Rallison
Managing Director
Gudrun FreeseGudrun Freese
Communications Director

Veruschka SelbachVeruschka Selbach
Sales & Technology Director

Dō Sustainability is the trading name of Sedition Publishing Ltd. We are registered in England and Wales under company number 7837587 and have our registered office at 87 Lonsdale Road, Oxford OX2 7ET, UK. Our VAT number is 130149552.